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A client can back up to 12 selections in an accumulator. In the event of any selection not playing, that selection will be void and the bet will stand on the remaining teams. e.g. a five team accumulator would drop to a four team accumulator; a double would drop to a single bet.

They are also known as:


Two Team Double
Three Team Treble
Four Team Four Fold Accumulator
Five Team Five Fold Accumulator
Six Team Six Fold Accumulator
Seven Team Seven Fold Accumulator
Eight Team Eight Fold Accumulator
Nine Team Nine Fold Accumulator
Ten Team Ten Fold Accumulator



Returns for accumulators use a simple formula. Amount bet multiplied by the odds of each of selections in the accumulator equals the total return.

Example : A winning treble would calculate as ( AmountBet X Odds1 X Odds2 X Odds3 = TotalReturn)

If the three winning teams were Milan at 2.5, Man United at 2.0 and Real Madrid at 2.25 and the amount bet was $ 20, then the return would calculate as (20 X 2.5 X 2.0 X 2.25) = $ 225.


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