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Pleasers are similar to a teaser, only you give, versus receive additional points; additional points are either subtracted from the underdog or added to the favorite (e.g., if the regular line on your selection is -4 and you select a pleaser, then your line would be -10).

Pleasers are currently only available on NFL side straight bets combined with additional NFL side bets.

Other Pleaser Examples:


Dallas is (-3) over Washington
Pittsburgh is (-8) over Cleveland

A "Two Team Pleaser" on Dallas and Pittsburgh would be:
Dallas (-9)
Pittsburgh (-14)

A "Two Team Pleaser" on Washington and Cleveland would be:
Washington (-3)
Cleveland (+2)

Pleaser payoffs depend on how many teams are in your wager. Payoffs are shown in the table below. If there is a tie in one or more of your individual parts then the wager steps down to the next lowest number of teams.


A 2 team pleaser with a tie and a winner pays even money.
A 2 team pleaser with two ties is a push.


# Of Teams Payoff
2 6/1
3 17/1
4 45/1
5 120/1
6 300/1





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