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Speciality / Proposition Bets

A proposition bet is a very specific bet offered by the house. The individual bets have titles that explain on what event or action or player the wager is placed. Proposition bets are always money line bets: some are totals bets, some are side bets, some utterly unique. Rather than attempt to explain the vast array of proposition bets, we'll give you a sample page that shows just some of the possibilities.


  Match Side Total
Total Points Scored by Knicks (Game 4)
6/23/99 9:00:00 PM    
101 ny knicks   Over 183(-115)
102 NY KNICKS   Under 183(-115)
Total Points Scored by Spurs (Game 4)
6/23/99 9:00:00 PM     
107 sa spurs   Over 86.5(-115)
108 SA SPURS   Under 86.5(-115)
Last Team to Score 1st Half (Game 4)
6/23/99 9:00:00 PM     
109 sa spurs 7.00(-110)  
110 NY KNICKS -7.00(-110)    
Total Points Scored by M Camby (Game 4)
6/23/99 9:00:00 PM     
104 marcus camby   Over 8(-115)
103 MARCUS CAMBY   Under 8(-115)
Total Rebounds by M Camby (Game 4)
6/23/99 9:00:00 PM     
108 OVER 2.5(-115)
109 UNDER 2.5(-115)
Baseball Proposition
Wed 02-Jul 07:00 PM    
108 TOTAL BASES BY SOSA -120    
106 TOTAL BASES BY THOME -110     


Baseball Propositions:
For wagers on Total Hits + Runs + Errors in the game, both starting pitchers must go for action. Game must go 8 1/2 innings if home team is winning, or 9 innings if road team is winning for action. Extra innings counts. If a game goes past 9 innings and is not completed, no action.

For wagers on Team to score first and a Run scored in the first inning, both starting pitchers must go for action.


For wagers on Total Bases Matchups, Single=1base, Double=2bs, Triple=3bs, HR=4bs, Hits Only. Both players + starting pitchers must start for action.




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